Page 5.                                                     ETERNAL LIFE.

                WHERE WILL WE SPEND IT ?



                             To  spend IT WITH  HIM,


So from today, for the rest of your life, He has said, " Follow me."      " I am the way the truth and the life."

" I am God and There is no other."  The way is written. It is narrow. It is by my Spirit. It is by love and truth and grace and holiness and by faith in my promises, and I have placed my word above my name. 

"Call unto me and I will hear and answer you, and show you great and mighty things which you know not."  " Fear not, believe only." Fear Not. Your enemy throws firy darts of fear at you, so immediately rebuke him in Jesus name. 

 Jesus said, "I beheld Satan fall like lightning from heaven."  This enemy, we all have. He will attempt to disuade you, trick you, seduce you into a thousand different ways, so rebuke him in the mighty name of Jesus.  ( A rebuke means to paralyse.) I suggest you take a minute and check a dictionary for " paralyse." As well,  because I have placed, all the scriptures on this site from memory, it would be wise to open a bible and carefully check for yourself.

Jesus won at Calvary for you,

"power over all the power of the enemy."

 Ephesians 6: 10 to  17.   " We are seated with Christ in heavenly places, so we resist the devil " spiritually, from this exalted position."  ( Spiritual warfare on our behalf is carried out in the 2nd heaven or middle heaven, by angels whom God sends on our behalf against the fallen angels, principalities and powers, of the evil demonic kingdom. This increases our faith, when we use the authority from a position of Jesus victory far above these powers, over sin, fear, doubt, the devil, the flesh or the world, and Then give thanks continually to the Father in Jesus name.

I do not doubt that you have suffered greatly in your life and may even require prayer from someone with a gift of discernment and love, in the Holy Spirit, but know this and remind yourself over and over, every day if necessary, I am loved!! Jesus loves me, Jesus really loves me, He really, really, really loves me!! "   "He has written my name on the palms of His hands and my walls are ever before Him." This is the truth.

 " For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but shall receive eternal life."  That is the word of a King, and where the word of a king , there is liberty." Or is it power ?

 " Though He fall, he shall not be cast headlong,  for the Lord upholds him with his hand."

I am speaking to your wounded heart:  

God has seen your struggles and pain, the dissapointment and sorrows and He says,      "Come to me.

I will break off that yoke,

" Take my yoke upon you.  My yoke is easy and my burden is light." I will smash the chains, I will cause you to walk in true holiness, I will lift you up. I will give you my peace, "the peace of God which passes all understanding."

 "I have loved you with an everlasting love. With loving kindness have I called you."

" I will never, no never, ever leave you or forsake you.

 " Switch off the TV, switch off the world's music, switch off the games, and open your heart to my love and let me take out the stoney heart, the hurt and the pain. You have tasted hell on earth, - now choose life with you greatest friend and lover.

The terror and torment in hell is indescribably evil.

On U tube:   Bill Wiese presents the vision he had, an out of body body experience, when He spent " 23 minutes in hell."  and, Mary Katherine Baxter, who went with Jesus in the spirit, 30 times for three hours at a time, in order to write and preach and warn us. It has changed their lives forever. Hell is real:

I have spoken to 3 others who pray night and day for others to wake up, because of their horrifying experiences in visions and experiences in hell. They are all normal ordinary people.

No sin, rebellion, no pleasure in this life, no hurt, no injustices   (which could cause us to harden our heart and blame God, and pull away from Him, could be worth a day, a year, or any amount of time, in hell. ''

Choose you this day whom you will serve ......."   ( You could type that phrase into a google search along with the word " scripture", and see all the references.)

" Now the peace of God which passes all understanding shall rule you hearts and minds by Christ Jesus."  

"Go in my name and because you believe, others will know that I live."

 No man has suffered for you,

shed his blood for you,

Has been mocked, spat upon, beaten,

whipped with 39 lashes,( to enable our total healing,)

crowned with thorns, and nailed to a cross, and

shed His blood, as the lamb of God,

to ensure you could be saved from the power of sin,

and wants you safe  with him for eternity

except God the Father, and Jesus by the Holy Spirit.

And they chose you before the foundation of the earth.         You were not an accident !  


Regardless of your music preferences, you may find this music video on Utube a bit of fun, and leave you smiling. Type in 

"Greatly blessed and Highly favoured." because that is what believers are!

 "Still feelin' fine."  is a foot tapper also. and Gold City  sing "God's building a church." and " I'm not giving up" and , "In time , on time, every time" . The pleasure they generate is contagious and seen on the faces of all assembled in a big room.God wants you happy.

If you like comedy and piano, Anthoney Burger plays with the Kingsmen, " I've got that old time religion in my heart " Chicago live , on U tube.

The Ball brothers sing "Its about the cross."

Jay Parrack sings "Sometimes he whispers."

Its all clean and sweet and lovely. The Bible says " Whatsoever things that are good, whatsoer things  that are lovely, if it be of good report, if their be any virtue or any praise, think on these things." If you find what is lovely it will cause your soul to be comforted and make you smile. and the Bible says to " keep far away from evil."

The music industry has much deception we should keep far away from. We want to co-operate with the spirit of grace who wants to bless us and cleanse us from the darkness we are not aware of.

"He is able to save to the uttermost, all them that come unto him." Now, "may the peace of God which passes all understanding rule your hearts and minds by Christ Jesus."

God is good and He is good all the time, and nobody is capable of replacing His love for you.

A link to happy singing.

Greatly blessed and highly favoured song.